What is a TremConverter ?
A tremolo block & unlock system: switch between a free-floating, down-only or fixed bridge!



Features TremConverter:
  • Stylish design.
  • Rugged construction with lifetime limited warranty.
  • No cost for replacement parts if necessary.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards in the industry with precision and sophisticated CNC machines.
  • Visually integrates perfectly with your tremolo.
  • Intuitive operation after installment; no need to keep the manual at hand.
  • Supplied replacement springs® (less parts) are of the highest quality; no loss of tone due to slack springs.

A tremolo converter, for almost every free-floating tremolo out there!
With TremConverter you can determine precisely how much up and down tremolo swing is allowed; it also adjusts quickly to create a dive only tremolo, or can convert your free-floating tremolo into a rock solid fixed bridge!
Simply, by turning two brass thumb wheels!
A great invention for using (formerly impossible) alternate tunings on your free-floating set tremolo equipped guitar, or for those double stops and country licks that can now stay in tune!
Please see our Product Review page and read what some of the world’s highly respected people in this business have to say about TremConverter!


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