Product Review TremConverter

Nik Huber, Master Luthier / Nik Huber Guitars, Germany:
“Marcel Dam from Dirckson CV was visiting my shop and we installed one of his new Tremconverter’s in one of our guitars. The result for me was (after he left me two more of these):
I need to have this thing in my personal guitar!
My main guitar is made out of woods that I got as a gift years back from Paul Reed Smit®, so I play this guitar as often as I can and I love it though it has a floating trem and I have to use two or three different tunings when I play live, which ask for a fixed bridge guitar.
Marcel solved the problem!!!
Today I showed it to a customer who ordered our Dolphin with tremolo and guess what he ordered with it…Marcel should get the chance to sell this great idea worldwide, I think he deserves as much help as we can give him”

Juha Ruokangas, Master Luthier / Ruokangas Guitars, Finland:
“Every repairman must have faced the situation where a customer isn’t happy about his tremolo equipped guitar. One doesn’t use the tremolo much, and would like it to be either fixed completely or simply the springs tightened so the trem can only be used for down-bends. Traditionally you’d fix the sustain block stable with pieces of wood. The downside is that once you have blocked the trem off, you can’t just go back floating like that!
The mod isn’t to be reversed easily by the customer himself.
The TremConverter solves these problems simply and effectively. Imagine – you have a floating trem – roll a thumbwheel and the trem works only for down bends – roll another thumbwheel and the bridge is fixed. Roll them again and you’re back floating – on the fly!
All done within a few seconds, without any tools. And since the TremConverter is designed and built ultra precisely, it really does work extremely well!
The most cool thing is, that the TremConverter is so simple and easy to understand – just show it once and that’s it!

Rob Tennant, Guitar Player with Stoney Kurtis ( Pittsburg, PA, USA:
“I am very impressed by the TremConverter, it is extremely well made. The unit delivers as promised. A simple spin of the brass barrels and the guitar goes from a full floating trem, to a dive only trem, to a hardtail…damn, that is a cool trick! The hardtail option held true after going through several alternate tunings, no BS, it functioned just like a hardtail guitar. The dive only option is perfect for someone who detunes on the fly…spin the barrel, and you can drop 1/2 step without having to tighten springs. The unit functioned perfectly when I locked the movement to dive only and dropped the low E to a D…everything else was perfectly in tune. Very cool!
Overall…kudos to the designer, this unit is a HUGE winner. Great job to all involved!



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