TremConverter Operating guide

Follow these two golden rules. Fine-tune your guitar after blocking or releasing the tremolo. Restore your original tuning FIRST before unlocking your tremolo!

From the full floating tremolo mode: switch to block the floating mode.Turn Q-lock thumb wheel anti-clockwise to block your tremolo: use moderate but firm force.

Make double stop bends and stay in tune! Expect a slight increase in sustain too.

Important: NEVER use the tremolo-arm in this mode or you will push or pull your tremolo out of tune! Q-lock is designed to slip when this happens or otherwise you would break your tremolo-arm, or rip out the complete Tremconverter unit.

Releasing your tremolo: turn Q-lock clockwise!

From the full floating tremolo mode: switch to dive only tremolo mode.

Turn the rod-anchor/thumbwheel against the vertical frame lip until a very slight de-tuning is noticeable, then fine-tune your guitar. Alternate drop-tunings are now very possible!

Both blocking modes activated: will give you drop and double stop bend possibilities!

Turn Tremconverter’s rod-anchor/thumbwheel to pre-set your tremolo pitch raise / up-pull possibility.


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